How to Paint a Range Hood

If you are like me, you may have asked yourself ‘Is it possible to paint my vent hood?’

I recently updated all my appliances from stainless steel, to white. However, because of my cabinet situation, I wasn’t finding anything that would fit quite right that I loved. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a new vent that was just ‘meh’, I decided to find out if I could spray paint my vent hood black.

Sure enough, it’s actually quite possible, (and easy) to paint your vent hood! I was able to paint mine in an afternoon and even have it reinstalled again after a couple of hours.

Here’s everything you’ll need to know for your own range hood makeover.


While I took my vent hood down, it is possible to paint a hood while it’s still installed. If you do, make sure you turn off the breaker connected to your vent so you don’t risk an electric shock. Since I’d be using spray paint, it was just easier to take it down.


Once my vent was in the garage, I did a thorough cleaning with warm soapy water, and let it dry completely. When the hood had dried, I taped off the bits I didn’t want painted with painters tape, and using an exacto knife, cut carefully around each knob so the painters tape covered it precisely.


It is recommended to use High Heat Appliance Paint for your vent hood, and I’ll link that here. I talked to quite a few people who used regular paint for metal and said it worked just as well, so I went with that option because I had that lying around. If a day comes when it malfunctions, I’ll come back and edit this blog post to let you know!


I used THIS paint primer meant for metal, and it went on SUPER smooth and easy. The recommended wait time before recoating was around 30 minutes, so after the first coat dried, I came in with my black spray paint and gave the vent hood four thin coats to cover completely. Each spray paint may have different recommendations of application, so make sure you read the instructions carefully.


One mistake I made was spraying one of the coats too thick, which caused the paint to drip on one side. It’s much better to do multiple thin coats then one thick coat.

We were able to reinstall our newly painted vent hood an hour after I applied the final coat. It’s recommended to let the paint on the vent hood dry 24-48 hours before you use it.


Look how great my spray painted black vent hood turned out!. Such a simple DIY, and WHAT an impact in my kitchen.


Great to know with just a little effort, it is absolutely possible to give your range hood a color makeover after all!

I want to hear from you, would you ever paint your range hood? Drop me any comments or questions below!



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10 Easy Ways to Decorate a Large Wall (without using Framed Art)

10 EASY WAYS TO DECORATE A BLANK WALL (Without using framed art)

I don’t know about you, but the thought of “What do I put on a large wall?” can be overwhelming at times.   I’ve comPILed a list of 10 Easy DIY Wall art Projects that anyone can pull off. So Start Reading and say goodbye to blank walls forever.

10 Wall Decorating Ideas:

  1. Decorate your wall with Plants:

how to create a living wall — FORTHEHOME.jpeg

There are so many ways to incorporate a living plant wall, ranging from full blown built in’s, to hanging simple planters.   I love how Christine from @_forthehome decorated her walls with simple terra-cotta pots.  You can read her entire process HERE. This is such a beautiful way to cover a blank wall.  If you nervous about keeping so many plants alive, don’t be shy about using faux versions, there are so many realistic looking ones to buy these days.

2. Make a statement wall with a statement


The home decor world has gone through a few iterations of the classic letter board.  I love this oversized version from Alexi over at SeekingAlexi.  This X-large letter board is perfect for decorating a large wall in one shot! You can get a closer look at that awesome letter board on Alexi’s Blog HERE!

3. Fill a Blank Wall with a Flag


There are so many cool flags to be found out there. Etsy is full of customizable options! I love this one HERE from Wild Standard, but using a vintage flag would be just as gorgeous. Some of the authentic flags are quite large so you could cover a large area with one of those. I’d love to find a vintage State flag to hang in my living room at some point.

4. Decorate a blank wall with a DIY photo ledge (or Two)


Okay, Okay, so technically this still incorporates using framed art, but the addition of the photo ledge gives some super awesome structure and interest. Depending on how long you make your ledge, this is a really easy way to cover a large wall. Bridgett from This Minimal House has a great DIY on how to make your own Photo ledge. You can read all about it HERE.

5. Decorate your wall with hats


Have you been seeing this trend everywhere like I have? So fun and easy.  You can buy a simple hat rack from amazon, or do what I did in my bedroom and throw a couple nails in the wall to hang your hats on.  Use just a few hats like Sara Mueller did here, or cover your entire wall with hats! Both are equally stunning. Decorating your wall with hats is not only super cool and easy, it’s also practical, so there you go!

6. Paint a Wall Mural


Painting a Wall Mural is a fun way to transform an entire wall into a piece of art in and of itself.   There are so many amazing versions out there. Recently I painted this accent wall in a terrazzo pattern.  You can read all about the process HERE.   Painting your wall is an easy DIY wall art project that will really make an impact.

7. Decorate your wall using Macrame


Whether you purchase on Etsy, or make your own, the options are endless when it comes to macrame and weavings.   Fill in a corner of your wall, or make the macrame the focal point of the wall.  Either way, I’m still loving this breezy boho trend. The beautiful weaving you see here was made by my friend Happy Mountain Designs

8. Use washi tape to hang photographs 

Image Via  Domino

Image Via Domino

For an easy wall decor DIY, hang your photos or prints on the wall using colorful washi tape.  I love how unexpected (and also temporary) this wall solution is.

9.  Decorate a large wall with a mirror collage

Image VIA  House Beautiful

Image VIA House Beautiful

If you want to make a dramatic impact, try collection vintage mirrors and displaying them together to create a gallery wall.  An added bonus is that as the mirrors reflect light, they create the illusion of a larger room.

10. Frame fabric

fabric wall hanging.jpg

Another way to Decorate a large wall is to frame fabric. You could use a vintage piece, an authentic Batik, or try this simple DIY Mixed Media Art from Hunker Home.

I hope this article gives you some ideas of where to start next time you’re faced with that blank wall syndrome. Or maybe it’s sparked you own ideas of how to cover a large wall? If so, drop me a line below! I’d absolutely love to hear!

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A Mother's Day Brunch with Bed Bath and Beyond

Find your tribe and love them well. When I moved to Atlanta, GA from Grand Rapids, MI 15 years ago, I was fortunate to make the move with a few of my sisters. They’ve been my dearest friends on this journey of life. These are the girls that have sat in waiting rooms during childbirth, showed up in the middle of the day to lend a helping hand, and been there for each other through life’s lowest lows and highest highs.


For Mother’s Day this year, I wanted to show them how much I appreciate who they are as women, sisters, mothers, and friends. What better way to celebrate our friendship than with some of the things we love best: beautiful aesthetics, delicious edibles, and enough time to span the conversations that are sure to ensue.


Thankfully we are all helpless gardeners, so decorating was as easy as heading to the backyard armed with a pair of garden shears. Roses and False Indigo tumbled over the table, while spring ferns flanked the centerpiece, bringing the outdoors in.


I was fortunate to be able to partner with Bed Bath and Beyond for our brunch, choosing pieces from their wide selection of entertaining dishes to create my table scape. Bed Bath and Beyond is a one stop shop for all your entertainment needs, and I was surprised by their variety of stylish choices. For me a table that mixes modern with rustic styles is such a classic combination, and Bed Bath and Beyond supplies both. I was able to order everything I needed online with one click without having to leave my house or shop multiple stores, and that to me is invaluable.


I chose a mix of black, white, and gold pieces, combining them with natural textures of wood, wicker, and marble to create a table setting that is classic and able to shine in a variety of settings and styles.


Notoriously untalented at creating beautiful cakes, I’ve finally found a style I can pull off, the rustic naked cake. Minimally iced, and flanked with garden flowers, my cake stood proudly on it’s modern stand.


I kept the food simple. Rustic bread, a selection of meats and cheeses, and fruit to grab is all we needed for a satisfying brunch.


One of my goals for 2019 is to be intentional about prioritizing the relationships in my life. I’m so grateful for this time with my sisters, celebrating who they are as women, mothers, and friends! I encourage you to make the time to celebrate the ones you love! Below I’ve linked the items that I used to create this beautiful table setting. Head over to Bed Bath and Beyond, and get inspired by all the ways you can make your next event unforgettable!


This blog post was sponsored by Bed Bath and Beyond, however, all views, selections, and opinions are my own.

Breath of Fresh Air Living Room Makeover

Who doesn’t breathe a sigh of relief when Spring finally enters the scene again?! Welcome to the Breath of Fresh Air Blog Hop, if you’ve just arrived from Lion and Lantern, Welcome! I know you’ve enjoyed Caitlin’s Spring Inspiration.


As I thought of what the Spring season needed to bring to my home, I knew I needed to turn my energy into more than adding small Spring touches here and there. This winter has been the longest that I can remember, and I’ve been needing a big huge color boost to kickstart the season.

One of my favorites things in all the world is the inspiration I find through social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram, but lately for me things were getting a little fuzzy. 

There is just SO much beautiful out there, and I want to try it ALL!  Soon my house started feeling less like MY home, and more like a scrapbook from my Pinterest page as I filled it with more and more ideas that I just needed to try.  

2019 will be an effort for me to get back to the inspiration that I find when I look within and less about looking without.  I started here in my living room.  It hurt a little bit to pull out my leather brown couches, and take down some of the boho I had scattered around. But as I began to fill it back up with colorful ideas that have sprung into my heart, I’ve felt my joy for this room coming back to life.


My muse for this room makeover is by far the vintage couch I found on Craiglist last summer. With the guidance of a kind neighbor, I was able to recover it in a new pink fabric from OnlineFabricStore. The sexy curved lines are just so good, and covered in Salmon pink fabric makes it the diva of the room for sure! A perfect color for a Spring boost!

I knew if I added such a statement piece in here, I’d need to leave the rest of the room pretty neutral. I grounded the couch with an orangey brown area rug that vibed midcentury to me. The accent chairs are from West Elm.  Their simple design is understated, but I love how the dashes on the fabric give a modern vibe.


When I stumbled upon FornStudio’s instagram account, I knew I needed to incorporate some of Anne’s prints into the room, so I’ve added some neutral color to the walls in muted browns and pinks. 

Snapseed 6.jpg

I finally caved in and added curtains to my long oversized windows. I put it off for so long, because I love the modern look of bare windows. What I didn’t love was driving up to my house at night and being able to see straight in. With the kids old enough to be on their own for a bit, I was feeling less and less comfortable with that view. I added up the cost for window treatments on all six windows, and OUCH! I ended up settling on a quick and easy curtain rod DIY using copper pipes and fittings and some affordable IKEA curtains. It saved me a ton of money, and I love how the warm copper tone pairs with the pink of the couch. Also, privacy for the win!


About half of the items in this room was either thrifted or handmade. Our nesting coffee tables were designed and built by Tim, as was the A-frame bookshelf.

My final dilemma was what to do on the accent wall behind the couch. The practical side of me was thinking and entry way bench with baskets, and hooks on the wall for coats. Maybe a modern console table? I just couldn’t find exactly what I wanted.


Tired of staring at an empty wall, one morning I headed to my basement for some paint. Using leftover paint samples and a pencil, I sketched and painted this lighthearted terrazzo mural on my wall. It’s a temporary fun little pop of joy. If you’re curious about my process, you can read all about it here !

It’s always my goal to incorporate whimsy, quirkiness, or humor into my designs. After this Living Room Makeover, my home is starting to represent my heart again. And for that I’m so grateful.


Now when I walk into my living room, I immediately grin! The bright pinks, the earthy tones, the fresh green of living plants all around are all channeling this new Spring season, and I couldn’t love it more.

For more Spring inspiration, head on over to Jordan from A Blue Nest’s blog, to see how she’s brought this season into her home! And don’t forget to check out all the other wonderful ladies on our Breath of Fresh Air Spring Home Tour. You can find each one below!

Breath Of Fresh Air Spring Home Tour.png

How to Install a corner Wall Shelf

Today I installed a Wall Shelf in my home all by myself. It was sturdy, completely level, and I’m 100% confident it won’t rip out of the drywall as soon as I place something heavy on top.

I share this, because for so many years I was too intimidated to hang anything that needed to be sturdy, whether wall shelves or curtains or lights, so I had to rely on my hubby to handle those tasks.

Not any more people! The process is simple, anyone can do it, and now I want to share it with YOU so you can have the same confidence to hang a shelf on your own as well.

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Chattanooga Family Adventure

Traveling with a family of six can be overwhelming, both logistically AND financially. However, as a family, it’s something that we value incredibly high. A couple years ago we came up with the idea of Family Adventures, short day trips to destinations within driving distance, where we could discover new territories, try new foods, and most importantly spend time and create memories together as a family.

We now have many mini adventures under our belt, and the value it’s brought to our family is priceless. In my Family Adventures Blog Series, I”ll be sharing some of our favorite experiences, as well as tips to make traveling with kids more enjoyable.
Coolidge Park, Chattanooga TN

Coolidge Park, Chattanooga TN

Nicknamed ‘Scenic City’, Chattanooga is located in Tennessee, just north of the Georgia border. Nestled on the Tennessee River, and surrounded by mountains and ridges, we choose Chattanooga as our November Family Adventure destination.

Before we even began the trip we were dealing with some preteen shenanigans. There is nothing quite like investing time and money in travel just to have it sabotaged by an adolescent attitude.

parenting travel tip (2).png

The certain someone we were dealing with that day happens to be highly motivated by money. So before we began the trip, we sat everyone down and gave them $10 a piece to spend however they’d like, whether at the museum gift shop, or to buy a treat, whatever they choose. The catch? Anytime they were caught complaining or fighting, they lost one dollar. It was a brilliant endeaver. We had zero issues on that trip, and very very happy kids to boot.

Chattanooga is an easy two hour drive from Atlanta, and we arrived in the city just in time for lunch.

GOOD DOG, Chattanooga TN

GOOD DOG, Chattanooga TN

Our first stop was on the North Shore of Coolidge Park. We rolled into the kid friendly restaurant GOOD DOG. GOOD DOG whips up a variety of gourmet style hotdogs, served classic how my kids like it (and for $3 so Yay!), or topped with unsuspecting combinations like the Dutch Dog, served with curried ketchup, gouda cheese, onions and peppers, and covered in fries (oh my!!). Their loaded frites are are amazing as well. I love that they also offer vegan and gluten free options, truly making this an affordable stop for the whole family.



After lunched we crossed the Street to Coolidge Park, a riverfront family recreational area. Right there in the park sits the restored 1894 Dentzel Coolidge Park Antique Carousel. With 52 whimsical hand carved animals, lovingly restored for the city, and a calliope organ as well, it truly was a magical place to spend a part of our day. Rides are just $1.00 so you can your heart out without breaking the bank!

Coolidge Park Antique Carousel, Chattanooga TN

Coolidge Park Antique Carousel, Chattanooga TN

Also in Coolidge Park are the outdoor water fountains, which were off season at the time, but still fun to climb and and play pretend with all the large animal statues. Just beyond that is a pedestrian bridge that crosses the Tennessee River over to the South side, a great way to get in some exercise in for the day.




After exploring the park, we drove up Lookout Mountain to Chattanooga’s Prized landmark, Ruby Falls. Ruby Fall’s is the nation’s tallest and deepest underground waterfall open to the public. Located 1,120 feet underground, a visit to Ruby Falls includes a guided tour through the cave, and offers breathtaking views of magnificent cave formations as you walk through the narrow winding passages towards the Falls. The walk is about a half mile each way, with some of the paths getting narrow. Take note if you or someone in your party suffers from claustrophobia, they could have a problem in the cave.


For us, the trip was well worth it, especially because our boys are very much into geology. It was truly wondrous to experience nature underground.

After the Falls, we drove to the nearby Incline Railway, which is over 100 years old and whose track is on a 72.7% incline, one of the steepest passenger trains in the world. The train runs up and down the mountain about every 20 minutes and carries passengers from the top of the mountain to the bottom to explore the shops below in St Elmo. Not gonna lie, I had butterflies boarding the train as I stared down the steep side of the mountain, but the train ran slow, and soon I forgot me fear as I took in the breathtaking views of the city as the sun set and the moon rose over Chattanooga. It was absolutely worth the experience, and we’ll do it again next time we visit. The train runs daily from 10 am to 6 pm and a round trip ticket is $15 for adults and $7 for kids.


For dinner we hit up the local 5 Guys, which was very untouristy of us, but we were hungry and tired and overwhelmed by all the options. After we regained our energy we headed to our final destination, the historic Bluff View Art District, to grab a dessert and a coffee before hitting the road back to Atlanta.


We found the sweetest chocolatier shop right next to Rembrant’s Coffee House, a European style cafe offering in-house roasted coffee and hand made pastries. As the sun went down, the Art district seemed to be waking up. As much as we wished we could have explored more, our kiddos were tired out so we climbed back in the car and began the drive home.


Chattanooga had SO much to offer, much more than we could have experienced in one day. We’re already planning another trip back to see everything we didn’t have time for like the aquarium, Rock City, and the Children’s Museum.


Bedroom Makeover week 5

Wow! What a transformation in this room! We are almost finished, and I’m so grateful for the One Room Challenge proving to me that I truly am capable of finishing a space from start to finish in a just a few weeks time. In the past I’ve let my projects drag on indefinitely, so finishing one this quickly is absolutely empowering!

At the beginning of the week, I assembled the girl’s dresser! It was quite a project and took the whole morning to put the piece together, but it’s perfect in the space, and I can’t wait to spend some time styling it this week!


Next, I painted all but the accent wall white, a sure fire way to brighten and clean up a space. The ceilings in this room are tray, and with the walls and ceiling the same color, it definitely makes this room feel taller.

On Friday, Isla and I put together both of the girl’s beds. They were surprisingly easy to assemble, and add just a touch of girliness to the space without being over the top for my two tomgirls.


Last we added in the area rug. In my idea board it was too busy, but in reality it’s not too much. Just a little bit more pattern than I would normally be ok with, but sometimes it’s good to put something in your space that’s a little ‘off’. The imperfectness of it all lends a bit of unexpected personality, so I’m quite loving it all together! Although as much as my girls may fight me, I think I might need to change our their mustard pillows for some pink ones to tie the rug color in.

I’ve had some amazing partners sponsor the bedding in this room, and I’ll be honest, these beds are so comfy they revile my own. It makes my heart so happy to tuck the girls in bed at night surrounded with the softest sheets and blankets. I cannot wait to share with you all the details.


This week is the final week of the challenge. I’ll be busting my tail trying to finish up the space.

I’d love to instal a wall sconce between the two beds, as well as some art. Style off the big dresser, and also add a small dresser in between the beds for extra storage.

My plan was to have a bench at the foot of the bed, but I don’t think there’s going to be enough space, so I’ll be skipping that for this project.

I’m already in love with the space, and absolutely cannot wait to share the finished product with you all next week!



Click  HERE  to follow all the amazing projects happening on the  ORC blog  this week!

Click HERE to follow all the amazing projects happening on the ORC blog this week!