Breakfast Nook Refresh


It’s amazing how a few little tweaks can change the feel of a space in a big way. 


 Our breakfast nook is the place in our home where the kids do all their homework, where all the arts and crafts happen (zoom in real close on the old kitchen table and you'll see it's covered in paint and permanent marker stains), and as the name suggests, where we all eat breakfast as we're getting ready for the day. 


While there was certainly nothing wrong with this space, it was definately lacking style.  It also had a bit of a farmhouse feel which I've been trying to phase out of this house.

Someday soon, I’d love to take the whole fam to Paris, and I wanted a look that represented that. A look that would help keep my dreaming alive. Tres Chic was the vibe I had in mind, as I excitedly began my idea board. 


First step was lighting. I knew I wanted a vintage globe style light, but one that was more delicate than most of the midcentury lights I was seeing around.  I found the sweetest Etsy shop, Pepe & Carol's, who's handmade lights stood out with a vintage classic look but with a flare towards the feminine.  I choose this Glass Globe Waterfall Chandelier and I feel like it sits in the space beautifully. 

Next step was to replace the art.  I wanted a gallery wall with a mix of graphic and lighthearted prints in vibrant pastels to climb up the wall in an irreverent pattern.  Snoogs and Wilde has some of my favorite prints so I added two of theirs to the art collection. You can find those prints HERE. The rock on print in from Urban Outfitters which you can find HERE. I hand painted the little rainbow, and the Picasso replica is from Etsy.  I had fun one morning heading to the thrift store and picking out a bunch of vintage frames to use for this gallery.  Most cost around $2 so it was an incredibly affordable way to create a gallery wall, plus it adds the kind of lighthearted character that I value so much.

E277D620-365B-4EDD-A096-5CDB38CB6174 (1).jpg

We decided to keep the current chairs that we had in the space, but we knew the table needed to be replaced.  Because I was on a budget, I opted for an easy DIY using Pretty Peg table legs, and a table top that I found on Craigslist for $20.  Pretty Pegs supplied all the hardware for the legs, so it was as simple as painting my table top and then drilling the mounting plates for the table and screwing them in.  In the end we created a solid wood breakfast table for under $150. 

D2535DC9-3FF4-4DC6-B2B7-A8ACB7EFC877 (1).JPG

Finally it was time to put all the pieces together! The round jute rug under the table was a happy mistake. I ordered it for a different room but didn't love it there, so I rather haphazardly put it under the table, and it ended up being perfect.  Isn't the texture so good? The rug is from overstock, and you can find it HERE. 

I sat our Walnut and Oak bench under the gallery wall which is just inside the entry from the garage. It's slightly wider than your average bench, and beyond sturdy. We use it in the mornings to hold book bags and it's also the perfect size to sit down and put on shoes.  

Lastly, the pink curtains were somewhat of a chance.  I hung them up before the refresh was finished and was like "Nope, pink curtains don't belong in the kitchen." But after all the other pieces were in place, it was the pop of pink that ended up pulling everything together. I'm absolutely obsessed. You can find similar HERE.  Also, lots of people ask about those curtain rods, yes, they are designed specifically for bay windows.  You can find similar HERE.


And there you have it.  I hope you enjoyed this little breakfast nook tour.  If you have any questions or comments, please drop me a line!  All sources are listed below!

Xo, Jodi

Jute Rug         Dining Chairs         Curtains         Curtain Rod

Bench           Chandelier          Art Prints         Table Legs