10 Easy Ways to Decorate a Large Wall (without using Framed Art)

10 EASY WAYS TO DECORATE A BLANK WALL (Without using framed art)

I don’t know about you, but the thought of “What do I put on a large wall?” can be overwhelming at times.   I’ve comPILed a list of 10 Easy DIY Wall art Projects that anyone can pull off. So Start Reading and say goodbye to blank walls forever.

10 Wall Decorating Ideas:

  1. Decorate your wall with Plants:

how to create a living wall — FORTHEHOME.jpeg

There are so many ways to incorporate a living plant wall, ranging from full blown built in’s, to hanging simple planters.   I love how Christine from @_forthehome decorated her walls with simple terra-cotta pots.  You can read her entire process HERE. This is such a beautiful way to cover a blank wall.  If you nervous about keeping so many plants alive, don’t be shy about using faux versions, there are so many realistic looking ones to buy these days.

2. Make a statement wall with a statement


The home decor world has gone through a few iterations of the classic letter board.  I love this oversized version from Alexi over at SeekingAlexi.  This X-large letter board is perfect for decorating a large wall in one shot! You can get a closer look at that awesome letter board on Alexi’s Blog HERE!

3. Fill a Blank Wall with a Flag


There are so many cool flags to be found out there. Etsy is full of customizable options! I love this one HERE from Wild Standard, but using a vintage flag would be just as gorgeous. Some of the authentic flags are quite large so you could cover a large area with one of those. I’d love to find a vintage State flag to hang in my living room at some point.

4. Decorate a blank wall with a DIY photo ledge (or Two)


Okay, Okay, so technically this still incorporates using framed art, but the addition of the photo ledge gives some super awesome structure and interest. Depending on how long you make your ledge, this is a really easy way to cover a large wall. Bridgett from This Minimal House has a great DIY on how to make your own Photo ledge. You can read all about it HERE.

5. Decorate your wall with hats


Have you been seeing this trend everywhere like I have? So fun and easy.  You can buy a simple hat rack from amazon, or do what I did in my bedroom and throw a couple nails in the wall to hang your hats on.  Use just a few hats like Sara Mueller did here, or cover your entire wall with hats! Both are equally stunning. Decorating your wall with hats is not only super cool and easy, it’s also practical, so there you go!

6. Paint a Wall Mural


Painting a Wall Mural is a fun way to transform an entire wall into a piece of art in and of itself.   There are so many amazing versions out there. Recently I painted this accent wall in a terrazzo pattern.  You can read all about the process HERE.   Painting your wall is an easy DIY wall art project that will really make an impact.

7. Decorate your wall using Macrame


Whether you purchase on Etsy, or make your own, the options are endless when it comes to macrame and weavings.   Fill in a corner of your wall, or make the macrame the focal point of the wall.  Either way, I’m still loving this breezy boho trend. The beautiful weaving you see here was made by my friend Happy Mountain Designs

8. Use washi tape to hang photographs 

Image Via  Domino

Image Via Domino

For an easy wall decor DIY, hang your photos or prints on the wall using colorful washi tape.  I love how unexpected (and also temporary) this wall solution is.

9.  Decorate a large wall with a mirror collage

Image VIA  House Beautiful

Image VIA House Beautiful

If you want to make a dramatic impact, try collection vintage mirrors and displaying them together to create a gallery wall.  An added bonus is that as the mirrors reflect light, they create the illusion of a larger room.

10. Frame fabric

fabric wall hanging.jpg

Another way to Decorate a large wall is to frame fabric. You could use a vintage piece, an authentic Batik, or try this simple DIY Mixed Media Art from Hunker Home.

I hope this article gives you some ideas of where to start next time you’re faced with that blank wall syndrome. Or maybe it’s sparked you own ideas of how to cover a large wall? If so, drop me a line below! I’d absolutely love to hear!

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