A bedroom makeover for my girls - COMPLETE


VICTORY and TEARS my friends.. that's what you get when you take on a challenge late in the game when you’ve already got too much going on.

My girl’s bedroom makeover is complete! My sweet little Tom Girls, who want nothing to do with pretty and girlie. I think I’ve pulled off a room that is neutral enough for their liking.

I’m so happy I took on the challenge! I've been promising the girls a makeover for far too long, and my little heart goes pitter patter with joy every night when I tuck them in their adorable room.

Shall we remember where we started? I shudder just thinking about it -the room that was in so much disarray it had become impossible to clean (like.. for real.. I’m sorry for what I’m about to show you.)


Remember that!? We’ve come a long way, haven’t we?

Shall I walk you through the process?


First was the epic brick wall mural that we installed! The girls adore it, and it is so realistic looking, that you have to get up close to see that it’s not actually real. I’m seriously a big fan! You can find the mural HERE. Next we painted the light blue walls white so to seamlessly blend with the accent wall.


I was so happy to replaced the old dresser that was in this room. If I remember correctly, it was one of the very first pieces of furniture we bought 15 years ago (from Target, so.. yeah). It was time, my friends. We replaced it with this sleek new version from Walker and Edison. It’s a more affordable alternative to the West Elm Reclaimed wood version, and goes absolutely perfect in their girl’s loft styled space.


The beds are from NOVOGRATZ. I stumbled upon one of them being sold on Craiglist for an absolute steal, and ordered a matching one online. You can find them on Amazon HERE. I don’t think you’ll find a more affordable version of a bed, and they are just darling, aren’t they? Perfect for little ones!

The beautiful blue rug is from boutiquerugs.com and just as soft as can be. You can find it HERE. I layered our oversized sheepskin pelt (The one that Costco usually sells in the winter), and the room feels super textured and cozy.


I’m so in love with the girl’s bedding! I’m pretty sure it’s the coziest in the house now. I love how the duvet covers bring in a bit of color while still staying neutral. They are the from Lincove, part of the Greenwhich collection. You can find them HERE. I love the way the dark grey sheets stand out against everything else going on in the room. They are crazy soft and are from Blue Bird Linens. You can find them HERE. The velvet accent pillow is from Target.

The painting over Avia’s bed is handmade by my dear from Rebeccah over at Hoestradecor. Click HERE to see all her beautiful work.

IMG_6528 2.jpg

A few ‘Shop my home, because I couldn’t find what I was looking for in time’ items are, the two reading lamps I installed between the girls’ bed. I really want the Chelsea Double Sconce from Urban Outfitters, but it wasn’t in my budget, so I improvised using the two lamps that I had in my Master Bedroom. Another thing I added last minute was the wicker table I’m using for a nightstand. I really would like a low dresser between the girls’ beds, because Isla needs a new one, but I didn’t find one in time. I’ll probably change that up soon. Isla said that her favorite part of the makeover is the little moon mirror from Urban Outfitters that I’ve hung over her bed. I thought that was sweet.

This beautiful hanging chair was a last minute decision as of this afternoon as I was finishing up the room. Yesterday, Ana, the owner of Limbo Imports, stopped by my house and hand delivered this lovely swinging chair (WHAAAA??). Ana designs these chairs herself, then has them created by artists in El Salvador, the country she grew up in. As I was finishing the room today, I realized it was the perfect final touch right there in the corner, and I was right! As soon as I hung it, Isla climbed in and fell asleep as she rocked away with her stuffed animals. It was such a sweet moment. Ana! We’re all in love! Thank you so much!!

You can find all of Ana’s beautiful work HERE

And that’s a wrap you guys! What a transformation this room has undergone. Here are a few more of the details.

IMG_6521 2.jpg

I’m exhausted, but man so glad I took on this challenge!! And NEXT time people! NEXT time I’ll make sure to be prepared before I jump right into a One Room Challenge!!

As always, if you have any questions, leave them here below! I’m so glad you’ve followed along with me on this journey! And don’t forget to check out all the other amazing entries from these Fall’s One Room Challenge!

Cheers y’all!


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